TLA Acquires Rapturious


TLA releasing has just acquired all non-theatrical rights to the horror flick Rapturious. This is one of those films that I had absolutely no idea even existed. TLA will be releasing the film under there Danger After Dark label that has previously released Suicide Circle and Meatball Machine just to give you an idea of what we could have in store for us.

The film was actually directed by one of the Jerky Boys Kamal Ahmed. He also directed another brilliant film God Has a Rap Sheet which I have heard many good things about. Ahmed commented about the film, "If you like all things "creepy" and "weird", boy have I got a film for you.

The film is about an up and coming music artist (Robert Oppel) who has a self-destructive drug habit. When his dealer (Hoya Guerra, bassist for “Madball”) presents the rapper with a new drug, dark and murderous hallucinations begin. But are they really tricks of the mind or are these crimes really happening? While his manager (horror movie maven Debbie Rochon) becomes increasingly concerned about her client’s unpredictable behavior, Rapturious begins to see demons, leading to the revelation of an evil entity hell-bent on claiming the musician’s soul.

Sounds like they have a decent cast with Debbie Rochon and Joe Bob Briggs chewing up the scenery. Its being described as hip hop music meets demonic gore. I don't have any DVD specs for this yet but I can tell you that Danger After Dark will be releasing this film on October 2nd just in times for Halloween.

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