Hickox Sharpens the Knife Edge


Anthony Hickox is making his way back into horror. He hasn't done to many pictures within the genre but he certainly got his start here with movies like Waxwork, Hellraiser III and Sundown which starred Bruce Campbell and David Carradine. Now he will be behind the camera in what is being called a "psychological thriller", Knife Edge.

The story is about a Wall Street trader whose efforts to settle in a rural English idyll with her young son are wrecked by nightmarish visions. Hugh Bonneville plays a family lawyer whose involvement with Nathalie Press's character goes beyond the professional.

The rest of the cast includes Joan Plowright, Matthieu Boujenah, Tamsin Egerton, Jamie Harris, Lorcan O'Toole and newcomer Miles Ronayne. The screenplay was written by Hickox, Robin Squire and co-producer Fee Combe.

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