Girl Next Door Release Plans


We have been following the film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door. The book is one of the best horror stories I have read. The story is actually based on a true event that happened where a little girls Aunt with the help of some neighborhood kids tortured her in the basement for weeks and weeks on end before she died. But its not one of the typical "torture porn" films out. Its more about the releationship between the girl and one of the unwilling participants.

So we can only hope that the director Andrew van den Houten can capture that same vibe in the film. He recently caught up with Fangoria about the film and how they plan to release it, "We’re very excited to be announcing that the official release of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR will be happening theatrically on a limited basis in November, and it will be coming out on DVD nationwide in December,” he tells the site. “We’re in the final stages of negotiating the deal right now, and [the novel’s publisher] Leisure Books is also very excited in anticipation of this classic story being brought to the screen on a large scale domestically.

Hopefully soon we will find out who is behind the release of the film and the later DVD. Keep it here and as soon as we find out we will let you know.

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