Danny Boyle to Direct 28 Months Later?


According to MTV Danny Boyle is not ruling out coming back to direct 28 Months Later. 28 Months later is the next film in the franchise that is 28 Weeks Later that is being discussed. Quote from Danny:

Well, I didn't want to do the second one, because I was involved in "Sunshine." But I went out and I helped them [with "28 Weeks Later"]. I did some second-unit shooting on it. And I really enjoyed it, actually. There's something about doing something trashy that's great. Where basically you just come in the door and you just kill them. That was rather refreshing.

Dont read further because I give away the end of 28 Weeks Later. Ok? Everyone clear? Ok because to explain 28 months later I give away the ending of 28 Weeks later! The ending of 28 Weeks Later see's the plague SPREAD to France and the rest of Europe, opening up the story for more zombie madness and of course 28 Months Later! Checkout the trailer for 28 weeks later below!

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