Jaws Doc Trailer Goes Live!


Jaws is one of those films that crosses so many different genres that it is hard to really pin it down. Which contributes to its success to this day. Jaws really was an instant success at the box office and propeled Steven Spielberg into super stardom as a major motion picture director in a big way.

All that said it surprises me that it has taken this long for someone to look back and make a documentary about the film. Not only did they manage to get in touch with almost everyone that had anything to do with the movies they also picked up interviews with people inside the genre that were influenced by the movie. That would include Eli Roth, Gregory Nicotero, Tom Savini, Kevin Smith and Robert Rodriguez.

Now that is quite a line up for any documentary! Today a special trailer has been unleashed and it has a nice little story that goes along with it. So check it out over at The Shark Is Still Working Official website. Still no word on an official release yet sadly but soon enough this bad boy will be picked up and we shall let you know when it does.

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