Writers Opinion on Mother of Tears


Dario Argento's next film has been a long time coming to wrap up his work on the trio of mothers films, Mother of Tears. It began with Suspiria and then was reexamined in Inferno. Now finally we get to see the ultimate conclusion to the series which Argento has been very excited about. But how is the film really?

Today one of the co-writers on the film Jace Anderson wrote into Shock to give them a heads up about the film after a recent screening. "Adam and I checked out a cut of 'The Mother of Tears' on Thursday and were blown away! The music and color correction aren't done yet, but the visuals are already amazing. It's not going to be crazy colored light like in 'Suspiria' - Dario was adamant about not wanting to repeat himself - but he's come up with some really great stuff, which promises to only get better once the digital intermediate is done."

We talked to Dario this morning and he's very excited about the final music - he says it's very very good! I don't want to give any specifics away, but there's gore aplenty and beautiful, half-clothed women...always a plus, right?"

Sounds like some great news. This film has been made with the fans in mind so there will be plenty of the mythology linking the three films together. This should be one wild ride that we will be onboard for until the films release so keep it here for more.

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