Behind the Scenes of Outpost


Today a short little special behind the scenes featurette has been posted about the film. Its not a bad watch and shows several of the sets being used on the film. So head over to the Digital Guerillas website to check it out.

Sony holds the rights to the U.K. film. Outpost is being directed by Steve Barker and the screenplay was written by Rae Brunton. Starring in the flick is Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Richard Brake and Michael Smiley.

Producers of the film promise a "gut-wrenching, adrenaline-fuelled horror film, with terrifying set pieces and a suffocating, claustrophobic atmosphere." I also managed to discover that they compare this movie to six others Aliens, The Descent, The Thing, Hostel, Dog Soldiers and Predator.

Outpost is set in war-torn Eastern Europe, where a band of battle-worn mercenaries undertake a dangerous mission into no-man's land at the behest of a mysterious businessman. They set out to locate and secure a disused military bunker, but when they get to their target, they discover a terrifying secret that has laid buried for half a century ­ and which they'll have to fight for their lives to survive.

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