John Carpenters Next Film?


John Carpenter is another one of those directors who very rarily ever talks about what he is working on. He keeps everything very hush hush and keeps his projects close. So this bit of news is more rumor then anything especially considering the source is a intern that overheard a conversation.

That said AICN recieved the e-mail that says that John Carpenter will be back at the helm for a film called LA Gothic. The film itself sounds like a really bad ass idea about a Priest and his teenage daughter with a ton of creatures. Apparently we will see everything from vampires, zombies and even a demon possessed rock star.

As I said above this is all really hearsay but the film is a real project. LA Gothic takes place over a couple days in LA and will contain lots of action and gore. Consider me excited for this flick especially if John Carpenter is involved. Hopefully this will bring him back to his glory days of directing.

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