Collectors Edition Misery on DVD


Misery has always been a very effective Stephen King adaptation. One of the best films based off of his work. According to Lijas Library the new Collector's Edition of Misery will be hitting DVD shelves on October 2nd. Oddly enough that is also the same day that is rumored to be when 1408 hits DVD. According to the site the DVD will be presented in widescreen and include the following special features:

  • Feature Commentary by Director Rob Reiner
  • Feature Commentary by screenwriter William Goldman
  • Featurette: Misery Loves Company
  • Featurette: Marc Shaiman's Musical Misery Tour
  • Featurette: Diagnosing Annie Wilkes
  • Featurette: Advice for the Stalked
  • Featurette: Profile of a Stalker
  • Featurette: Celebrity Stalkers
  • Featurette: Anti-Stalking Laws
  • Original Theatrical and Teaser Trailer 
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