Bryan Loves You Shuts Out the Press


Bryan Loves you is a film we have been covering here since day 1 and now comes news that they are going to be shutting out the press with a gag order to not release anymore information on the film.

After several recent sabotage efforts by protestors, the movie about the true 1993 story of a cult that takes over an Arizona town is being kept quiet until its World Premiere. Stars of picture include Tony Todd ("Candyman", Star Trek), George Wendt ("King of the Ants", Cheers), Tiffany Shepis ("Abominable", "Ted Bundy") and Daniel Roebuck (Rob Zombie's "Halloween", Lost). Written/directed by Seth Landau in his horror debut and produced by his Landau Motion Pictures (LMP).

LMP is silencing the movie for now because of: a phony casting call planted in The Arizona Republic during last summer's production that nearly stalled the shoot (as reported by Page Six); stolen footage from the post-production laboratory that was posted online; and just last week when an eerie video was mailed to the LMP Los Angeles p.o. box accompanied by a threatening letter

"For now we're keeping all info about the picture under wraps," says LMP media liaison Jeff Buckner, "While we're not afraid of these onlookers who've tried to intimidate us, we're going to lay low for now." The movie is represented by Shoreline Entertainment ("The Signal", "Shadow Puppets"), and the company is currently setting up a World Premiere at a to-be-named film festival for sometime this fall. An announcement will be made once a date has been secured. Says writer/director Landau: "While we can't reveal exactly when or where the World Premiere will be just yet, bet the house it's going to be a huge event. We're aware, for better or worse, that a lot of eyes are on us."

Cutting out the press from doing coverage on their film might seem like a good idea but it holds no logic for me. We are big supporters of the film, Goon loved it when he saw it! Cutting out the people that have built the snowball of good will for the film is very confusing to me. Hopefully one of the filmmakers will do what they have in the past and post an update for us on the boards explaining this odd move to cut us out!

Update: The folks from Bryan Loves You did indeed catch this and in usual form have hit the forums to inform us on what is really going on. Go give it a read!

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