A Troll Remake?

Wow, this is really sad.  I have personally never seen the original 1986 Troll (directed by John Carl Buechler of Friday the 13th Part VII) but I have seen a few clips and I have to say...yeah...yeah...

Bloody-Disgusting has learned that it wasn't a joke...indeed a remake is on the way.  The synopsis though bears little to the original movie.  Looks more like they are trying to make it a family film, then again, I could be wrong and this might be more dark and twisted than the summary shows:

The film is about a young boy enters a parallel world of wizards and magic where he befriends a good witch. Soon the boy learns that he must save the world from an evil Troll/Wizard that has the ability to hide his essence within the bodies of others.

No word on release date or cast or crew at this point.  Though, something very interesting about the original film. 

The kid in the film...I shit you not...is named Harry Potter.

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