Kevin Smith's Red State Sets A Start Date


We have heard alot so far about Kevin Smith's upcoming horror flick Red State. What we haven't heard is some kind of timeline for the film. Today he spoke with MTV about his film and what people should expect from it.

"I keep trying to, like, [temper] everyone's expectations, because it's not horror like 'Hostel.' It's not gore porn," he insisted. "The best comparison I think of is 'The Shining.' It's going for that kind of mood. It's a very unsettling film."

He also mentions that shooting is going to begin sometime in Feburary or March on Red State. The story has already been established as being sort of a take on a Fred Phelps kind of maniacal preacher. According to Smith, "That's kind of an easy target to me. If you're just going to tee off on crazy, crazy, right-wing fundamentalist extremists, that's kind of easy. I think our movie doesn't stop there. It goes out to target something a little harder".

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