Hatchet Update From Flashback Weekend


Today a forum member just returned from Flashback weekend and dropped us a TON of news on the upcoming film from Adam Green Hatchet. Since he goes really indepth I'll hand it over to forum member jmh314 for the rest..

"Hey all.  I would like to inform you of some things involving the film Hatchet.  I just got back from some time spent at Flashback Weekend, which is a yearly horrorfest here in Chicago.  The little time I was there, i spent a good portion of it talking to Adam Green, writer & director of Hatchet, as well as the LOVELY Joleigh Fioreavanti who plays Jenna.  Unfortunately I wasnt able to try and get tickets to the nightly movie screening, which had a bunch of Hatchet clips playing before hand with an intro by Adam and compnay.  But by talking with him I was able to get some bits of info on the Theatrical release, and how it went cutting it back from NC-17 to R as well as what to expect from the DVD.

First off, I asked Adam how it went cutting the film to get an R rating after the original cut was deemed NC-17.  Adam said it took a lot of convincing the MPAA and that some of the material shouldnt have to be changed.  He said there were a few cuts made, but they fought tooth and nail to dispute some of the "controversial" footage.  He said with a lot of convincing, there were a few things the MPAA lightened up on.  He said it was disappointing he had to cut some things, but it wasnt going to impact the movie too significantly.

After talking about that, I asked if the footage he cut-out would be offered on DVD.  He said AnchorBay has said they will release an unrated DVD of the original cut and that it will have plenty of good additional features so no one misses out on the whole experience. 

My final big question is if he knows how many screen it is going to be released on.  He said he was told it is going to be a good release and that it will hit no less than the top 25 markets across the country.  He said since i live in the heart of the city of Chicago, I for sure will have a theater nearby with the film upon release.  He said the only problem is it wont go to as many smaller markets and theaters so many people may have to make the trip to bigger cities from the suburbs to see this.  He said he knows it sucks for those in smaller markets but he appreciates everyone who is supporting the film because without us the film would probably not be seen anywhere.  He is still very happy to be getting such a good size release and it very excited that all the hard work done over the last year or so to get this movie out has gotten it  to where it has. 

He also informed me that here in Chicago the trailer is playing in about 5 theatres.  When I asked if it was in-front of any specific films, he said it is playing in front of most big horror releases out here.  He said the MPAA would not allow the trailer to be put out in front of most otehr movies, so thats why it is only in front of horror films.  It also sounds like it is a different trailer than the one on TerrorFeed, as he talked about how there wasnt much footage to it and was more text on the screen than anything but the MPAA still wouldnt allow it to be in front of most movies."

He also managed to get a photo with the very sexy Joleigh Fioreavanti and Adam Green. Take notice to the pimp in the middle sportin that uber sexy Horror-Movies.ca shirt! What a pimp.. 

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