Skinwalkers Moves To August

This might actually be a wise move on the part of Courtney Solomon and his After Dark Films.  The original release date of July 27 for James (Jason X) Isaac's werewolf film would have put them up against The Simpsons and I Know Who Killed Me, doubt the later would do fairly well...for pete's sake its the Simpsons.  Nothing will make that much money going up against it.  And from the clips online, Skinwalkers actually looks good.

David Tidler the Vice President of After Dark emailed to tell us the film is moving to August 10.  August is about the time the big movies are winding down, folks are rushing off to the beach for one last fling before they are called back to work and school.  Though it will have to contend with Rush Hour 3. 

I'm actually feeling SOME hope of this either coming to my theater or one close by as it was backed mostly by Lionsgate.  Though considering After Dark's last film Captivity getting just over a 1,000...will have to sit and wait to see what happens and how wide it is. Skinwalkers is set to debut on August 10 and check out a clip right here.
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