Bloodsucking Cinema on Starz


In general its very hard to find a decent vampire flick. It seems to be the one genre that so many people try and flop harder than any other. Well it looks like Starz Entertainment are going to be doing a special episode on Vampires in a series called Starz Inside. It's going to be an ongoing series hosted by Richard Roeper that will examine people, trends and culture in movie entertainment.

On October 26th just in time for Halloween they will premiere the episode Bloodsucking Cinema. As the name implies this episode will all be about everyones favorite blood suckers the Weinsteins! Ha.. I kid. I kid. Vampires! Of course. The episode will feature the films Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, The Lost Boys, Blade, Van Helsing and Underworld.

Bloodsucking Cinema will also feature interviews with directors John Carpenter (Vampires), Len Wiseman (Underworld, Underworld: Evolution), John Landis (Innocent Blood) and Joel Schumacher (The Lost Boys), actors Kristanna Loken (BloodRayne), Stuart Townsend (Queen of the Damned), and critics Leonard Maltin and Harry Knowles (Ain't It Cool News).

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