Gutterballs Killer Revealed


You may remember awhile back when we first reported on Ryan Nicholson's Gutterballs. Well today he has come forward to Fangoria with some news regarding the film and a look at the masked killer. Nicholson's previous film Live Feed was definetly a throw back to some of the older grindhouse films.

Nicholson tells Fango he is pretty much going on the same vibe, "You can imagine what a 16-pound bowling ball does when you smash it into somebody’s skull,” says Ryan Nicholson. “There’s a bowling ball waxer that spins at 2000 cc’s, and some unfortunate soul gets his head pushed into the waxer which has a few chunks of metal sticking out of it, and if it’s going that fast, you can guess what it does to the pour soul."

The film follows a group of teenagers who head to there local bowling alley just for some innocent games of bowling. When they get to the lanes however they have much more to worry about. Shooting is going on right now in Surrey, BC.

You can check out the official Myspace page for the movie now. Above you can see the first image of the killer and then below is some of the damage he is going to inflict on one of the hapless victims.

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