Twlight Zone: The Movie Comes To DVD

This is something I wanted, but never expected to actually happen. DVDActive has gotten word that Twilight Zone: The Movie will be coming to DVD this fall. Broken up into four stories, the segments were directed by future Masters of Horror Joe Dante & John Landis as well as Mad Max director George Miller and Hollywood Heavyweight Steven Spielberg. Landis also directed the prologue.

Unfortuantly, the thing most people talk about when they mention the film nowadays concentrates on the infamous deaths of actor Vic Murrow and two child actors, Rennee Chen & My-ca Dinh Le, when a helicopter in a scene was sent out of control by an SFX explosion and crashed upon the trio, the chopper's crew was uninjured. The scene was shot for Landis' segment and he and several other crew members were put on trial but found not guilty for manslaughter.

I have yet to see it so I really can't say if the film is any good at all, but I'm sure a member or two of the board has seen it. Well, fans of the series can now rejoice as Warner Bros. is putting it out this fall. Though no specs have been announced, DVDActive has gotten hold of the cover art. Very trippy I might say.

Twilight Zone: The Movie will be released on October 9 with the regular DVD costing $19.97 and Blu-ray/HD costing $28.99
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