SAW 4 Gets NC17 Rating & Comic Con Clip


Time for more Comic Con Madness! First off SAW 4 has gotten an NC 17 rating from the MPAA. To be more clear the NC 17 rating is simply the first cut. So no doubt some changes will be made and it will get its R and we will get the unrated on DVD. We all know they are gonna milk it good on DVD!

True to form at Comic Con they showed off a clip from SAW 4 and as always it was a torture clip. You may or may not want to read on, I am going to tell you what happens!

The clip starts with an old man waking up on the floor with a collar on his neck that wraps around his chin. I am sure you figured out already its not a good thing. Strangulation and mutilation anyone? Fun I know! The really good part is his eyes are also sewn shut in gruesome style. Assuming of course having your eyes sewn shut is stylish!

The old man starts freaking out yanking on his chain, and the camera pans showing that the chain is attached to two other things. A machine in the middle of the room pulling the chain closer and a man at the other end of the room with his mouth sewn shut. So we now have a blind guy and a mute chained together.

The machine in the middle of the room is cranking the chain around the collars on their necks pulling them closer and closer to one another. The blind man discovers an axe and a hook on the ground and starts throwing them at whatever is pulling on him. He is blind and obviously cant see what he is throwing at. And of course we have a man at the other end of the machine.

Meanwhile the guy who has his mouth stapled shut notices a key on the back of the blind guys neck. What does he do? He figures the key stops the machine and goes for it. What ensues is a bloody mess of carnage, the sort of thing you would expect to see from SAW. In the end the man with the stapled mouth wins, gets the key and puts it in the machine.... to bad he was just not quite fast enough. He meets a gooey ending! Stay tuned for more comic con madness!

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