Grindhouse DVDs Specs Announced!

At long last, news of the release of the Rodriguez/Tarantino team-up Grindhouse onto DVD. Though, it shouldn't come as surprise to anyone that they are coming into your home separately. The Weinstein company had announced this months this shouldn't come as a shock.

The folks at IGN have learned at Comic-Con that both Death Proof (Tarantino's film) and Planet Terror (Rodriguez) will be released this fall, their specs and that they will appear in their extended forms. Most notably in Death Proof is the lapdance scene that had my whole theater moaning and cursing him. Though something interesting for Planet Terror is that apparently some of the footage is the missing reel...that was apparently never shot.

Though one thing not in the announcement is if one or both of the discs will be getting the faux trailers.

Death Proof:

  • Extended Cut of the Film
  • Finding Quentin's Gals
  • The Guys of Death Proof
  • Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike
  • Introducing Zoe Bell
  • Quentin's Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke
  • Double Dare Trailer
  • International Poster Gallery

Planet Terror:

  • Extended Cut of the Film
  • Audio Commentary by Robert Rodriguez
  • International Trailer
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Cooking School
  • 10 Minute Film School
  • The Stunts
  • The Makeup And Effects
  • The Badass Babes
  • The Renegade Guys
  • The Costumes
  • The Production Design

Both discs seems very well stacked, though I'm sad that Tarantino isn't doing a commentary for his film. One can only hope that within a few months of their initial release, the Weinstein Company will make a 3 or 4 disc set with both theatrical and extended cuts plus stacked with special features. But for now...we must wait.

Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof comes out on September 18 for $29.95.

Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror comes out on October 16 for $29.95.
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