Ginger Snaps Back : Beginnings Movie Review

I went to the Ginger Snaps 3 premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal.It was so great to see Emily and Katharine on the the big screen again.In this one,the sisters Brigitte and Ginger go from town to town because they're parents "drowned".

But when Brigitte gets caught in a werewolf trap,the have to go to this remote outpost where the people are batteling "demons" at night for Brigitte's leg to heal.There,Ginger gets bit by a boy who is turning ito a werewolf.So from there,lost of things happend.The movie has a really great atmosphere,great set and is filmed beautifully.

Ginger Snaps Back - The Beginning


It also has some scares and the humor from the first two was still there.Every fan of the first two will love this one and those who didn't even see the first two don't even have to see then because this is totaly different and doesn't follow the story of the first two.At the premiere,Emily Perkins was there and the producer.

I got to take Emily's autograph and took a picture with her(she is so ugly in the movie but in real life she is hot).Anyway go see the movie in theatres if it's released(maybe in August says the producer) and if it's not,buy the dvd.

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