Halloween Clip at Comic Con


Last night right before the panel began, which we have the complete audio for right here, Rob played a clip from the film. I probably should warn some of you that this is one of the most pivotal scenes in the movie but then again this is a remake so you should already now this part of the movie anyway.

The clip begins as Michael Myers is dragging Dr. Loomis down a hallway. A rather bad ass Michael if I do say so myself. Well he soon realizes that Laurie Strode is hiding in a closet everyone should remember this classic scene with the coat hanger. Well Zombies vision Michael goes apeshit trying to get to her. He is not so much the lumbering killing machine anymore. He is bent on evil but still mantains a more human personality which in my opinion makes him even a bit more scarier.

Well Laurie discovers a way out and gets inside a crawlspace in the ceiling. At this point Michael finds what could be a two by four or a baseball bat and begins to knock out panels of the ceiling. As Laurie screams there is not much for her to do but wait until she crashes down through the ceiling. Thats where the clip ends. Some exciting stuff if I do say so myself.

So check out the audio interviews that we have posted now from the panel parts one and two.

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