Grindhouse DVD News from Comic Con


Edgar Wright and Nick Frost had a panel at Comic Con promoting the DVD for Hot Fuzz. Amidst all the news about the DVD Edgar Wright put a real damper on the evening saying that the new seperate releases of Death Proof and Planet Terror will not include the faux trailers. Instead they will later package them up and do a double disc release sometime in the future.

Sad really because the faux trailers were some of the best parts of the entire experience. So this means we will have to wait even longer to get our hands on those lovely faux trailers on DVD. I was going to wait anyway however because I knew they would bundle them together. Unfortunately though if you didn't like one of the films but loved the trailers you will be forced to buy both films to get the trailers.

Well I guess thats DVD buisness for ya. Well until Thanksgiving hits DVD you can always watch it right here. Enjoy!

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