Tyrese Gibson Joins Death Race 3000


via our FilmStalker buddies we get word that the cast for Death Race 3000 has grown even more with 3 new names joining the race to the death!

Jason Statham will be playing Frankenstein and Machine Gun Joe will be played by Tyrese Gibson. Joan Allen will also be taking on a major role as a villain but not sure what one. So if you know shoot us a line! I believe that she is going to play the Warden but not 100% sure. The role was originalyl offered to Glen Close.

As we reported earlier, Laurence Fishburne will be up for the role of a racing coach. Jason Statham has already been officially signed up for the remake to play Frankenstein. In the original film Frankenstein was played by David Carradine. The film has a very simple premise at the core of the story. Get in your car and beat everyone to the finish line while running over people to pick up extra points.

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