Long Weekend Gets Funded


Today it was announced that Arclight Films will be financing Director Jamie Blanks attempt at remaking Long Weekend. This is really a fantastic film that probably could use a little update. While the original is truly a classic in my eyes I do see potential for remaking the film with a modern twist. The story is even more poignant today then it was thrity years ago so this will be an interesting trip.

They will be bringing back the original screenwriter to update his own script. Which just so happens to have written the screen play for Blanks project Storm Warning. The original film told the story of a couple who decide to go on a camping trip all the while not caring at all about the animals around them. Soon mother nature has enough and the animals around them begin to fight back.

Director Jamie Blanks says, "I’ve wanted to remake this movie since I was in film school, and I’m delighted to get my chance to tell one of Everett’s best stories at a point when its message will carry more weight than it did in the public consciousness 30 years ago. The picture will be shot on the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland; we will be the first feature film to have ever filmed in this location.”

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