Joe Knetter Joins Jessicka Rabid Cast


Today forum member TiM sent me some fantastic news about Elske McCain's upcoming Jessicka Rabid. We are really looking forward to this project and it keeps getting better and better. It has been announced that after YN3: Pajama Party Massacre Joe Knetter will once again join Elske in Jessicka Rabid. Elska reveals that after working with him, "I knew he could work great in Jessicka Rabid!"

Joe Knetter has appeared in a couple other films as well including Doomed to Consume. However he is better known as a genre writer that does some extreme work with books with the title, "Zombie Bukkake". He said of the script, "Nice and nasty... Right up my alley!" Knetter says "It's gonna be pure exploitation gold!" Thats what I like to hear.

Also joining the ranks will be J. Alan Johnson who also worked on Survival which I reviewed just a few days ago. So it sounds like this project is well on its way to kicking some ass. Just check out the teaser below. Enjoy!

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