Grindhouse DVD Art 50% Cool 50% Crap

Here it is boys and girls! Grindhouse DVD Cover art. The folks at Bloody-Disgusting found this link to LiVEJOURNAL where an attendee to Comic-Con had been able to snap photos of the Grindhouse DVDs and posted the pics.

I got two things to say:

1. Death Proof, friggen awesome....I love it, love the fact the original poster design was kept.

2. Planet Terror....WHAT IS WRONG WITH DIMENSION'S DVD DEPARTMENT!? For Pete's looks like every one of their other releases. Is it just me or is most-if not all-of Dimension's genre films that go to DVD end up having cover art that is a lineup of floating heads with a glowing circle with a figure inside in the center? Only difference is that the circle is replaced with Rose McGowan.

The art of a DVD really is suppose to convey to the person looking at it the sense, feel and style of the film they are about to buy or rent. This art....DESTROYS the rough, gritty, dirty, action and blood fueled ride that is Planet Terror. It just looks....sub-average. I am very disappointed in the art for Terror.

Also something interesting of note with the pictures, it appears as though there is both a regular DVD case and a steelbook case for the films. Very odd if you ask me. Heres the link to LiVEJOURNAL where you can see the pics.
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