New CloverField Set Photos


A bunch of new set photos for CloverField have exploded onto AICN. The new set photos are from the set in NY. Now the really strange thing is people were standing around the set holding signs that said "CloverField (Cheese)".

Right now at the corner of Orchard and Stanton... coming upon it, the whole thing really looked like a genuine accident... except, there were people standing around pretty close, and then I noticed they were holding signs saying "Clovefield ("Cheese")"

Here's pictures from just a few minutes ago... destruction ravaging poor Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. Definitely a challenge setting this up at sunset in this area and there's lots of tension trying to keep the curious back.

Go checkout the stills. Cloverfield revolves around  a monster that attacks New York City and is told from first hand accounts. Checkout the teaser trailer below!

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