Teaser Trailer of Terror


The Trailer Park of Terror is one of those films that looks pretty damn interesting but at the same time unfortunately it looks doomed to head straight to DVD. At anyrate the film looks to be like a load of fun. On the official website they have just posted two behind the scenes clips and one teaser trailer. So check them out and then sound off on the boards about them.

In the comic book based film, six troubled high school students and their chaperon, an optimistic youth ministries Pastor, return from an outdoor character building retreat in the mountains. During a raging storm, their bus crashes, hopelessly stranding them in the middle of the Trucker's Triangle, a forgotten locus of consummate evil in the middle of nowhere. The hapless group seeks shelter for the night in a seemingly abandoned trailer park they find down the road. However, when the sun sets, it's not refuge they find. Instead, terror finds them in the form of Norma, a damned redneck reaper with a killer body who dispenses vengeance and death aided by her cursed companions, a bloodthirsty brood of Undead trailer trash.

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