Comic Con 2007 Wrap Up!


Comic Con is over but our coverage has not ended. We are still picking through the goodies that Goon and I have to put up news and keep you guys far ahead on what is coming for our favorite genre aka Horror. Or Torture Porn as the un-educated mainstream call it.

I want to thank everyone who read our Comic Con coverage and shared it with friends and made the 18+ hour days that Goon and I did worth doing it. If Goon or I were a bit cranky with anyone on the boards, and not our normal cheery guys just realize the situation. We were doing some pretty damn long hours for 3 days straight and at one point we were not even sure what each others names were. We reverted to "Asshole" and "Dirtbag" in some cases just to make life easier. Seriously though I want to thank Goon for giving 100% and putting up with my late hour requests and just plain trying to keep up with me as I ran around like an Infected from 28 days as if my life depended on the next comic con news.

I hope you all dug what we tried to do this year. We had alot of fun, and learned alot and will next year hopefully do it again if we can afford to and provide you with everything you got this year and more!

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