Long Time Dead Zombie Short


We just got sent a short film called Long Time Dead which is an homage to our favorite director George Romero. Rather then tell you about it myself here is what the filmmaker says about his film.

What is Long Time Dead? Long Time Dead is a personal homage to director George A. Romero and his body of work including Night of the Living Dead, Dawn and Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead and his upcoming Diary of the Dead. Inspired by the whit, wisdom and encouragement of independent filmmaker David "The Rock" Nelson, writer/director of Devil Ant, Devil Ant 2, Vampire Woman and Conrad Brooks Vs. the Werewolf, Schwickrath set out to finish a film that he began nearly ten years ago. Filmed in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania during 1998-1999, the footage was recently discovered and edited to represent the closest "final cut" version of writer/director Craig Schwickrath.

Starring Schwickrath, Darrell Groves, Mark Jackson and Gibby, Long Time Dead is a short story written by Schwickrath about a young couple and their life and death battle against the living dead. Though larger in scope, Long Time Dead is finally being presented in two separate mini-films, LTD: Hope and LTD: Despair. The story would eventually find our hero return to the graveyard in search of his love only to find that she has already died by the hands of a zombie. Never giving up hope, our hero fights for his life until he can finally be with his love...but at what cost?

The movie's make-up effects were created by the films stars and the special effects were created by Schwickrath. The film's music is taken from Tracii Guns' Killing Machine CD released by Stand Back Entertainment Inc. in 1998. The song, People Will Die, was originally released by Tracii's band Killing Machine in 1993. Tracii is the founding member of Guns N' Roses, LA Guns, Brides of Destruction and is currently on tour with Paul Black and LA Guns.

Please support this project by taking a few minutes to watch the video. Please leave comments, negative or positive and please recommend this video! Thank you for your support! So in the words of Craig go Watch Long Time Dead and leave some comments and feedback!

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