Stan Winston talks SkinWalkers


MoviesOnline had a chance to sit down with the legendary FX man Stan Winston to talk about his work on SkinWalkers. It is truly one of the most fascinating interviews I have read in awhile. One of the they asked him how he became involved in the project

The script came to me four years ago. The head of my production was Brian Gilbert who has an executive producer credit actually on this movie. I had told him when I started my production company that I wanted to find a good werewolf script because I was a werewolf fan. I had been since I was a little kid and I haven’t had a chance to do the werewolves that I want to do. Now it’s time. He said, "I’ve got something I think you should read.” And I read the script "Skinwalkers” and said, "I loved this. It’s the best werewolf script that I’ve ever read. It’s got people, it’s got conflict, it’s about internal conflict, it’s about the beast within which we all deal with on a daily basis but we usually keep it down. These guys don’t have that choice. It comes up. And it’s about real people.” And I said, "Let’s get me this. I want to produce it.”

We tried to get a hold of it and unfortunately someone else had just gotten an option on it and the script got away from me. Then about a year and a half later, almost two years later, I got a call from Dennis Berardi with Jim Isaac on the phone. Dennis owns an FX company in Toronto that had done the FX work for a movie I’d produced in Canada called "Wrong Turn.” He said, "You know what, I’m producing this script with Jim Isaac and we’d like you to read it and see if you’d like to get involved and produce with us. And they sent me the script and it was the script that I was in love with and tried to get two years ago so it came back to me. Karma. "Listen, I love this script. I want to do it. I’ll help you get it done and we’ll get it produced.” And that was the beginnings of "Skinwalkers.”

I had no idea Stan had intended to make this film himself! Stan Winston talks about the FX of the film and more in the interview. Go give the entire interview a read and leave some feedback.

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