Jason Behr Talks SkinWalkers


The press machine for SkinWalkers seems to have stumbled as of late and the buzz is hardly a drone much less a buzz but I still hold out high hopes we will get a great Werewolf flick. Stan Winston afterall is helming the FX! That said MoviesOnline caugh up with Jason Behr the star to talk to him about the film. They asked him all kinds of good questions about the upcoming film but one that stands out to me is Jason describing his character since really its not clear what his role is just yet. Jason told them quote:

Varek is the very alpha leader of this group of naturalists or purists. The movie is about two very different tribes of Skinwalkers. One, Varek’s group, is the purists. They have embraced that power and embraced that freedom and blood lust and they’re almost addicted to it. They believe that power to be a gift. The others, the wimpy wolves, they believe it to be a curse and they have suppressed that primeval instinct for centuries. So I get to play the big, badass alpha werewolf which was just cool for me.

On an entertaining note Jason Behr also went to the zoo to do some homework on his werewolf role so he could put on a great performance. Somebody really should have told him werewolves are not real and cant be found at the zoo. :) He told MoviesOnline:

I just wanted to be as truthful as I possibly could to the material and to Stan Winston and everything that he’s done for the project. We started off with watching this documentary about the Sawtooth Mountain wolves and you get to see this incredible footage of these very free, very beautiful wolf packs. Beyond that, I wanted to go and see what it was like at the zoo in Toronto and it really did sort of polarize. It was a real reflection and representation of these two tribal packs. You have one that’s very free and then you have the ones that are in the zoo that I felt really bad for. I’m sure they’re well taken care of, but they were confined, they were suppressed, and they were reduced to this small place. They weren’t really truly free. So, it actually gave me a little bit more insight to really have empathy for them, but it also gave me a real clear vision of what these other guys are supposed to be and how free they were supposed to be.

Its a great interview overall go give the whole thing a read: Jason Behr SKinWalkers Interview

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