COPS Fight Zombies on NBC


This news came as quite a shocker to me but I will get to that later. Today it was announced that NBC outbid several networks for hour long TV show from scribe John Stephens. The show is basically COPS only they take on vampires, zombies and other criminal demons.

Now this is getting a little annoying. I have seen this idea four times now and the first three are by indie filmmakers trying to do something inventive. Then a big Hollywood type who has worked on The OC shows up flashes them a script and a bidding war erupts.

The first time I ever saw this idea was with PMAC: When Zombies Attack. Then James Zahn decided he could make a movie with a very similar flair Death Walks the Streets which is still in pre-production and should be on its way soon. The third time I saw this was when Spider, Rob Zombies bro, developed a script with Steve Niles and was shooting a pilot in LA.

I'm hoping that one of the guys looks into this to see what is up. Because somewhere along the line something went afoul.

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