Another Wicker Man Remake?


It looks like we have a new "re-imagining" of the Wicker Man coming our way. Digital Spy is reporting that Robin Hardy, the original director of Wicker Man, will be writing, producing and apparently directing the film. While this won't be very much like the original it will retain the same theme.

The film is also undergoing a title change to Cowboys for Christ. It has to be one of the weirdest titles I have ever heard for a horror movie but whatever. The story will see a Christian singer travel to Scotland with her Texas cowboy fiancee. The trip descends into a ritual of pagan sacrifice and murder.

Christopher Lee and Faye Dunaway are said to be amongst the cast. A quick glance over at the imdb seems to reveal that Brit Susie Amy may also appear. Some very odd news indeed. The same film being remade twice in such close succession is odd but hopefully this turns out better than that horrible mess with Nicolas Cage.

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