Moore to Direct Virulents


I am a little surprised that it has taken the studios this long to really exploit the war. We have seen it in a lesser extent in Hills Have Eyes 2, but Virulents is going to be set amid the war and terrorism in the Middle East. The difference is they have alot more problems including vampires and zombies.

Virulents is actually a comic book that has been optioned by Virgin Comics. New Regency has also attached John Moore to direct. Moore was behind the dreadful remake to The Omen so lets hope that this effort will be much better.

Story, to be adapted by John Cox, revolves around a ragtag group of soldiers who search for a lost patrol in Afghanistan. The soldiers, some from an American military unit, some from an Indian military unit, stumble into a nest of vampire zombies.

Now this last line has me a little worried, vampire zombies? Is it vampires or zombies? I have seen vampire zombies done very well with the Blind Dead but can it be done. Producer Gothem Chopra reasures everyone saying the film "set in a part of the world that has a long history of myth and mystery, and it's going to rock".

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