Another Day of the Dead Remake?

Was doing some snooping at the official Day of the Dead contagium site and came across an interesting post by one of the members that turned out to have some truth behind it and wanted to share it.

so, I was talk to a friend of mine who works in entertainment industry in hollywood. he works at same building as Taurus Ent. When he was in the cafe there was a man and woman talking about "Contagium" they said that "Universal" was going to buy the rigths and remake the movie with a script from Cavel and directed by Deddelsun.

Then something about this film just being shown internationally.  When they left he asked the girl at counter who they where. She said that was writer and director of the new Day of Dead movie. MAybe they mean the film they shot will not be shown in US only overseas? I don't know.

Very interesting indeed, and the official response is as follows.

OK here it is .... there was an offer, but it WASNT Universal, another company to remain un-named, offered Jim and Ana international release IF they would rewrite it and re-shoot and they(the studio) would provide "stars" for the film... and of course retain the rights.... Jim and Ana said no thank you... Straight from Jim Dudelsons mouth, as I speak on the phone with him at this moment.

I think it is great that their is so much interest in the Day of the Dead. Got a scoop? Well send er in to


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