Joy and Sorrow for Romero?


Producer Richard Robinson has been hard at work on Sharing Joy and Sorrow for quite some time now. George Romero has also been attached to the project to simply present the film. But Robinson spoke with Fangoria today and told them he is hoping for Romero to do much more.

"I’m currently in negotiations with Mr. Romero’s manager to get him more involved than just having a presenter credit. I’d like him to be more active as an executive producer; hell, I’d want him to direct it if he likes what he reads. He’s currently reading the most recent rewrite, and I should be hearing back from him sometime next week. If fans would like to see George steer away from zombie movies and return to something a little more like CREEPSHOW, but with a fairy-tale twist, speak out! Let him and his people know."

Personally I would love to see Romero do something outside of the zombie genre. Don't get me wrong I love zombies as much as the next guy but for him to return to something like Creepshow would be fantastic. It should also be known that he has severed all ties with Taurus Entertainment on this project which is fantastic news.

The film itself follows nine frightening fables set in “a town riddled with creatures, monsters, murderers and cannibals,” according to Robinson.

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