More for Death Race


Today Joan Allen was confirmed for the remake to Roger Cormans cult classic film Death Race 2000. It looks as though this time around they are going to drop the numbers altogether. The film was going by Death Race 3000 but the trades today have dropped everything else.

Paul W.S. Anderson will be directing the new film. Allen will be joined by cast members Ian McShane and Tyrese Gibson with Jason Statham toplining.

Death Race sees a future America in which prison inmates are forced to brutally compete in an enclosed arena. Statham will play a prisoner who, with only weeks to go before his release, is coerced into being a driver and becomes the crowd favorite called Frankenstein.

Allen will play the warden of the prison who runs the race and ruthlessly forces Statham to enter the arena. McShane will play a coach, while Gibson is a sociopathic racer named Machine Gun Joe who seeks to espcape from prison.

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