Irish Whisky Review by Luke

This is a film that took me by surprise. I was expecting something totally out there from director SV Bell and what I got was a very pleasing movie. Irish Whisky is based on a novel written by belgian horror writer Jean Ray. Bell wrote the adaptation and screen play for the film as well as directing it. 

Irish Whisky starts out as Tom Wade is remincising about his old boss, Gilchrist, to a reporter over a bottle of Irish Whisky. His boss is all about the benjamins and is the kind of guy that would kill your family and piss on their graves if you gave him $20. Well him and one of his captains have been sinking their own boats to collect on the insurance. All at the cost of the passengers lives. Eventually the captain doesn't make it back.. and when he does come back... lets just say hes not happy.

The whole film is done in black and white and is VERY Twilight Zone. The atmosphere for the movie is awesome. I have always liked films being told by a survivor or someone from around the tale and Bell really hit that on the head with this short. Upon watching it you really feel like you are seeing an old episode of "Twilight Zone".

The effects aren't too bad either. The creature in the film is pretty well done although I think it would have looked better in color, for the creature that is. There were some other effects done which were very low budget but looked great especially for the black and white feel of the movie.

The actors in this movie were also surprisingly good. Tom Wade who was played by a local rock band singer really stole the film though. It was surprising to find out that all the actors were just a bunch of Bells friends.

All in all I really liked this little movie. It had some good effects, and some great acting for some non actors. But what really sold me on this film beyond all else was the Twilight Zone atmosphere. SV Bell did a spectacular job on this short and I would love to see more films done like this one from him. 8 out of 10

Review by: Luke aka Goon

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