Christa Campbell Playboy Photo


Christa Campbell one of our Fresh Meat Vixen's is in this months issue of PlayBoy. I had no idea until PlayBoy emailed to let me know and included a hot photo! Yes boys and girls the photo is safe for work.  Curvy scream queen Christa Campbell bares all in a pulse-quickening, six-page nude pictorial in Playboy’s September issue (on newsstands and at Friday, August 10).

The horror-flick vixen has appeared in The Wicker Man, 2001 Maniacs, and The Drone Virus, and stars in a slew of upcoming slasher pics including the remake of George Romero’s zombie classic Day of the Dead. “Horror films are so fun,” Christa says. “You don’t realize how large a following they have until you go to a Fangoria convention.”

When not playing a lurching flesh-eater or practicing her scream technique, the 33-year-old northern California native is a quiet beauty and describes herself as shy. “I’m very, very single,” she says. “I’m hoping to get some dates when this issue of Playboy appears!” You can checkout a NSFW video clip from her film 2001 Maniacs. Be warned major sexual content and gore!

Photo courtesy of PlayBoy

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