Funny Games for Jigsaw


Today Warner Independent Pictures announced that they are moving there film Funny Games up from its original January 18th release date to October 26th. That means the film will be going head to head with Saw IV. Funny Games does have Naomi Watts and Tim Roth toplining so it may have a chance to pull in some mainstream movie goers.

This move may also pull away some viewers from Saw IV but I doubt it will make a huge dent. I think the showdown between Rob Zombie's Halloween and Death Sentence will give us a good idea of what will happen with this move. However if I was the folks behind Funny Games I would much rather face Saw IV then Cloverfield.

Writer-director Michael Haneke remakes "Funny Games" from his original 1997 film, a thriller that follows two deeply disturbed young men as they take a mother, father, and son hostage in a vacation home invasion.

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