Automaton Transfusion DVD Date Moves!


Goon broke the news not long ago about the Weinstein Co. stepping up to the plate and putting there money down for Automaton Transfusion. He even got word from Stephen Miller that the film would hit dvd September 25th. However it would seem the date has now changed. The date is now reportedly November 13th. Not sure why it was bumped almost a whole month. Be sure to checkout the Automaton Trailer its awesome.

No special features or any like that has been announced but you can pre-order the DVD here. Based in a small town, near by a major city becomes overrun by zombies. Three local teens find themselves caught in the middle of a major war, between the humans and the dead.  Deciding to fight back. They venture on a fast paced. Punch you in the throat. Non-stop ride. This film will eat you alive and blood will run.

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