Return of the Living Dead Collectors Edition DVD


Return of the Living Dead is by far one of the best if not THE best zombie comedies of all time and now its getting the special edition treatment. This is by no means NEW news since Goon told you about this a long time ago but this go around we have word on the specs. And frankly its SAD!

The Return Of The Living Dead Special Features are a cast and crew commentray, a featurette "Rise of Horror" and a ZOMBIE subtitle option. I LOVE this movie. It is a personal favorite I have seen 50 + times but I wont be buying this DVD. Its a complete waste of cash. Will you? hit the comments brain eaters. If a special edition doesnt have extra footage it doesnt matter how good it is I dont buy it. I dont buy movies for the featurettes or Zombie SubTitles. It will hit dvd September 11th.

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