Frostbitten DVD Art


We just got the artwork for FrostBiten from Genius Entertainment. I have been looking forward to this film for some time. Frostbitten is a Swedish horror film that has a small, isolated town attacked by vampires during a month without sunlight.

Genius Entertainment will be releasing the film on September 25. It will be in its original Swede with English subtitles, but unfortuantly...apparently no extras. Though it will probably come with the standard trailers and possibly more subtitle options.

In the film, the surviving member of a Scandinavian SS unit is attacked by a vampire during the Second World War. For years the infection lies dormant but a group of party loving teens steal some pills from a hospital and being teenagers, gulp the puppies down and start up a vampire epidemic. Frostbitten will hit stores on September 25 and retail for $19.99. Checkout the trailer below.

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