Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Art & Specs

Finally, at long last Tobe Hooper's classic Poltergeist is getting a proper DVD treatment.  Long in rumor and it finally comes to fruition as Warner Bros. prepares to put out a brand new disc out in October.  This is a great chance for a DVD decked out with commentary by Hooper and maybe producer Steven Speilberg, retrospective doctumen...what...?

The folks at DVDActive got their hands upon the art as well as the specs for the new disc.  I am digging the art, glad to see they stuck with the TV design...but really ticked off at the special FEATURE.

  • Two Part Documentary:They are Here: The Real World of Poltergeists Revealed  (Science of the Spirits and Communicating with the Dead)

Course there is the original theatrical trailer and subtitles, but since every disc nowadays has those, barely worth mentioning.

Gee...yeah...thats a...REALLY great 25th Anniversary Edition DVD they got there...yeah...I should ask...WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?  For Pete's sake, 25th Anniversary, you think they could have at least wrangled ONE cast or crew member to record a commentary or even slap on E!'s (slightly incorrect) Poltergeist documentary.  I'm sorry folks, but this is getting me more mad than hearing Michael Bay grabbing the rights to another classic.  Poltergeist is one of my favorite films and considering all the really well stacked DVDs coming out of our genre classics (Dawn of the Dead, Phantasm...) this is a MAJOR letdown.

I'm sticking with the DVD I already got, not worth double dipping imo.  The current DVD out is only $10 tops at most places.  But, check out the cover art here if you care.

For those of you who care, Poltergeist 25th Anniversary Edition DVD hits stores on October 9 and if you have any money after all the films that come out in Sept, will set you back $19.97.
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