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Sheitan is one of those films that is sure to scare the living crap out of you. Or so its being billed, and we now have the trailer for you on TerrorFeed. Satan. Lucifer. Sheitan. Call him whatever you like, just don’t forget he exists. Combining never-shredding suspense, jet-black humor and gut-wrenching horror, Sheitan, the debut film from French director Kim Chapiron, will demonically possess DVD shelves on December 26th from Tartan Video.  On Christmas Eve, a group of young guys meet two gorgeous girls who invite them to spend the weekend in the country, where they meet Joseph (Vincent Cassel, Ocean’s Twelve, Irreversible), a creepy, unkempt man whose pregnant wife remains hidden in the large house. That evening, what begins innocently as Christmas dinner turns into disturbing conversations about sex, satanic possession, and incest. Joseph’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and the young friends realize their host has made a pact with the devil and all hell is about to break loose.

A recent Midnight Madness selection at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival, Sheitan also screened at the 2006 Tribeca, Edinburgh and Melbourne Film Festivals. Director Kim Chapiron is a member of Kourtrajmé, a loose collective of vibrant, cutting-edge young French filmmakers. Founded in 1995, this incredibly dynamic collective counts among its members actor/producer Vincent Cassel, French rap group Le Nguyen, Sheitan star Romain Gavras and graphic artist Kiki Picasso. Sheitan was produced by Kourtrajmé and features the talent of many of the group's members.

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