Black Sheep Lawsuit

Shouldn't take you too long to guess which film has lawyers prepping their books about. The Kiwis behind Black Sheep are soon going to find themselves in a lawsuit with a Spanish screenwriter named Rafael Toba.

Fangoria got the news from the Spanish newspaper,
La Voz de Galicia. Toba says that he wrote his own screenplay titled Ovejas Asesinas aka Killer Sheep back in 2001 and began to take it around to various studios, but it wasn't picked up. Toba apparently was reading a local paper when he saw the storyline for Jonathan King's Black Sheep and that the storyline was almost like his. To make things more interesting, the Spanish translation for the Kiwi film was his own title for his script. Toba from La Voz de Galicia:

If it were any other animal, it could be so, but sheep? Come on."

Well, dunno what I can say. This is a very interesting case as Toba is in Spain and unless Toba was taking the script to New Zealand Film Commission for funding or Jonathan King just happened to get his hands on a copy of Toba's me this is another case of two people having the same idea yet King was able to get his off the ground first, happens all the time. Currently, Black Sheep is due out on DVD in North America on October 9.
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