Trent Haaga Joins Jessicka Rabid Cast


Today it was announced that indie favorite Trent Haaga has joined the cast of Jessicka Rabid. Haaga has been in numerous films including Scott Phillips Gimme Skelter. He should be a perfect fit for this project. Matthew Reel is still attached to direct and has just rewritten the script to beef up the film.

Jessicka Rabid is about a girl who has been abused and enslaved by her family. Trent will be playing Billy, a local stoner who knows about the Hoffman family secret and wants a piece of the action. This just so happens to be another actor who has worked with Elske multiple times.

Haaga will be joined by Elske McCain, Joe Knetter, J. Alan Johnson and Nekromistress. Unfortunately however Bound by Blasphemy is no longer in the film. But some of the ex-members have joined Genocaust who will be involved. So it sounds like this project is well on its way to kicking some ass. Just check out the teaser below. Enjoy!

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