Bruce Campbell Holding up Bubba Nosferatu?


According to SlashFilm via FilmStalker Bubba Nosferatu Curse of the She-Vampire is being held up because of Bruce Campbell. Paul Giamatti who plays one of the lead characters told them Quote:

“Bruce Campbell was waffling around about whether he wants to play Elvis or not again. So that’s the problem...You gotta have Elvis and you really want him playing Elvis, so hopefully we can get him to do it. If not, I’m sure they will try and find somebody else but I think it’s contingent on whether he’ll do it or not. It’s a great script, a completely insane script. I would love to do that because I love [Bubba Ho-Tep]. It’s a great movie.”

If you dont get Bruce Campbell to do the movie you might as well not do it. I wont watch it, will you? The first movie was awesome but Bruce made the film. Now as for this latest update lets keep in mind that Don Coscarelli confirmed at the NYC Horror FilmFest that Bruce Campbell was VERY eager to do the film. So the question becomes how is he now holding it up? Wants a better script? Has other projects interfering? Wants more money?

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