Evil Aliens & Festival of Fear.


At the Festival of Fear I had a chance to sit down and watch Evil Aliens and what a great time it was. I just posted my Evil Aliens Review for you all to read and get my 5 cents on the film. I am sure Goon will post his soon as well. I think its safe to say we both have good things to say about it. The one thing that stood out to me the most about this screening was the fact it was empty. How a film that is so well put together could get 10 people into a screening room boggles my mind. Poor marketing? Lack of Fan Awareness? I have no idea but the folks who missed the Evil Aliens screening really did miss out. You can checkout the first

Below is the first of 3 clips we added to the site that just makes the point so well of how good this flick is! You will want to checkout all 3 Evil Aliens Clips!

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